Indiaca Shines on the Global Stage: First Pythian Games Festival 2023 Showcases Thrilling Competition and Cultural Unity in New Delhi

In a historic gathering, the International Pythian Council (IPC) successfully organized the First Pythian Games Festival from December 19th to 21st, 2023, at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi, India. The visionary behind this monumental event, Mr. Bijender Goel, Founder of Modern Pythian Games and Secretary-General of IPC, played a pivotal role in making this historical moment a reality.

A total of 22 countries participated in diverse competitions spanning Arts, Culture, Sports, and Martial Arts, transforming the Thyagaraj Sports Complex into a global arena of talent and unity. Distinguished figures such as Mr. BH Anil Kumar (IAS Retd.), President of Pythian Council of India, and other high-ranking IAS officers like Mr. Dilip Singh, Mr. R. K. Srivastva, M. Vishnu Kumar Sharma (IPS), and Mr. Sanjay Srivastva were in attendance, adding prestige to the event.

The Executive Committee, including Mr. T. P. Singh, Addl. Secretary General PCI, Mr. Ravi Dahiya, Deputy Sec. General (Event Execution), Mr. Shiva Kumar, Treasurer IPC, Mr. Daya Chand Bhola, Deputy Sec. General PCI, among others, played a crucial role in ensuring the grand success of the festival.

The festival featured a diverse range of competitions, including Arts, Painting, Cultural events such as Dance, Singing, Music, Poetry, and Sporting events like Football, Indiaca, Musical Chair Skating, Muaythai, and Taekwondo. The Indiaca competition, organized by the Indiaca Association of India (IAI), showcased top states, including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Kalpana Maheshwari, Chairperson (Founder Principal Maharaja Agarsain Public School), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Chief Patron, Director CMA Equipment, and CMA Sports Foundation), and Mr. Daya Chand Bhola, founder of Indiaca Sport in India and President IAI, graced the occasion with their presence.

Under the watchful eye of the Technical Committee of IAI, knock-out matches were conducted, ensuring a thrilling and competitive Indiaca competition. The administrative and technical expertise of Mr. Nishant Bhola, Mr. Nishank Mishra, Mr. Ravi Kumar Bakwad, Mr. Shubham Padade, Mr. Mirza Asif Iqbal, Mr. Vaibhav Shinde, Mr. Sameer Khan, Mr. Nikhil Kumar, Mr. Sujal Kumar, and Mr. Govind Singh played a pivotal role in the success of the Indiaca competition.

The grandeur of the event reached households across India through the extensive coverage provided by India's National TV Channel, DD Sports. Televised matches captured the hearts of viewers, offering a significant platform for the promotion of Indiaca sport.

The entire Indiaca India family extends heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bijender Goel, the visionary behind the Modern Pythian Games, for providing a momentous platform for the sport's promotion and global recognition.